Monday, December 7, 2015

where are the pictures????

Sorry, as of today something went "crash" here on blogger, all my photos disappeared and have been replaced by this:
I have slowly been trying to update the pictures, but some of them are a few years old now and I don't have them at hand - I am hoping they spontaneously come back, but not holding my breath.  If there is something you needed to see just send me an email via the box on this page (to the right)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tobacciana - cigarettes cigars smoking cards collection and catalogue

Due to numerous requests I have now placed all of my tobacciana cards into a catalogue.  It is done in a doc.x format so you should be able to download and print your own copy.  It is a complete list of all cards I have produced and includes all current and out of print cards.  

Any cards you need that are not currently listed (in my ebay store click here) please use the catalogue reference number and I can do a special order for you - usually takes around 3 weeks to get printed and delivered.  PayPal payment is required at time of ordering and you will be kept informed of progress.

I have been asked if I will print it and sell hard copies - it is not really viable to do this as it costs too much to produce - better if you save the document and print it yourself.  It will be updated as new cards are released.

tobacciana catalogue

 click picture to download catalogue