Friday, March 27, 2015

repro POSTCARDS art cards NOW FOR SALE!

After much effort and time I have finally got the reproduction postcards or art cards ready.  They are approximately 13cm x 18cm or 5 x 7 inches in size and have a smooth glossy finish.  They are not really suitable for writing on as postcard, they are more designed for collecting or framing.  There are several I have framed in pairs or sets of 4 and I always get lots of comments.  I will be adding designs as I have time to do them so keep an eye on the dedicated Pinterest board for click-to-buy links below or visit my ebay store to view.

click here for dedicated Pinterest postcards or art cards board

Friday, March 6, 2015

new clutch handbag designs I have been working on! (for sale)

Ok so not exactly swap card related - although some of the designs are from swap cards so I guess there is a tenuous link....

Here is a sneak peek at some of the new handbag designs I have been working on... almost ready for sale, will post links when complete  (9/3/2015 - now active and ready to go click here to view). They are all designed from various original art from Morocco, Italy, Japan, Turkey and other places I adore. I have also done some great retro designs. This is only a few of the many!

Click pictures to enlarge

Watch this space for links to the actual store to purchase.  Note I am not the manufacturer of them, just the designer.  You can shop via their website and if you order more than $30 the shipping is FREE if you use the voucher "SHIP30" during checkout when you pay (via PayPal, credit card etc).  Designs usually take around 10 days to reach you after order is shipped.

Designs are active!  Click the above pictures to go to my store or click here to go there:

I can also produce the designs onto other types of products, so notebooks, mousepads, tote bags, coasters etc etc.  Just send me a message and I will design and add it to their site.