Friday, November 28, 2014

great original swap card collection, Coles swap cards and albums 2,800+ cards! SOLD!


Great opportunity here, a fellow collector is selling her childhood collection.  There are some wonderful cards in this lot, Coles swap trading cards, c1970's blank backs and a great range of vintage artists.  There are Joy girls, Sarah Kay etc etc!  Also comes with all the albums as in the pics, and over 2,800 cards.  Ideal lot for a new collector, a seller or for a veteran to fill a few holes in the collection and have plenty of spares for swapping.

These are not my cards, they are being sold on behalf of another collector who has no selling account on ebay etc.  Click the link to view her advert on Gumtree (contact details are there) or send me a message via the contact on this page and I will put you in touch.

Karen's Gumtree advert

Serious collectors and serious offers only.  Original collections sealed away for so many years in their albums don't come along too often.   Item location is Tasmania, willing to post to any location.  Sorry for the low-res pics but it was the best she could do.  Any good collector knows what's here even though the resolution isn't the best - note the Coles cards mixed in with the regular albums too.

Pics here (click to enlarge):  pics no longer available

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