Thursday, February 13, 2014

Follow my virtual album on Pinterest and add your cards too!

I have been busy updating my Pinterest page and it is now a virtual album online. I am working on it as time permits but plan to have a board for every theme so far I have (each link should take you to the direct album): 

  1. Bit of a mixed bag really from antiques to moderns 
  2. Art Deco era cards, my favourite type of collecting 
  3. Lots of Retro cards from 1960's-80's including Sarah Kay, Holly Hobbie etc
  4. Jokers and Spade Aces from all over the world 
  5. USNN or American Narrow Named Art Deco era swap playing card series 
  6. Special board for the Australian Woolworths Dogs swap trading cards 
  7. Special board for the Australian Coles swap trading cards 
  8. Special board for the American c1950's blank backed swap trading cards 
  9. bit of an off-shoot, board just for the beautiful BAT cigarette card ladies 
 Lots more boards planned..... click here to follow me on Pinterest and also PLEASE ADD YOUR PINS TO MY BOARDS!! I'd love to see your cards :)

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