Saturday, June 15, 2013

My new ebay swap card store

Now for some shameless self-promotion! I opened an ebay swap card store again today. It's been several years since I closed my last one and yes the fees are a killer but unfortunately Quicksales does not have the exposure of Ebay and international buyers were excluded. 

 I am hoping more sellers (and buyers) get back to Quicksales as they did a few years ago when it was a really active hub of buying and selling. It changed name from OZtion to Quicksales when it was bought out (by the Carsales group). 

 OZtion made a few bad decisions at the time and decided to introduce listing fees (in the past it was free) and the sellers abandoned it because if they were going to charge fees then the sellers may as well stay with ebay as the traffic was higher. But now things have come full-circle and Quicksales is now not only free to list but free to sell, so no final value fees - can't beat that!

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