Saturday, May 18, 2013

what can I collect?


Not all card collectors are collectors of cards! Some people begin just by collecting cards they like the look of, or cards that remind them of their childhood, or topics of special interest eg. if they own a certain dog breed or cats breed etc. 

Many of my buyers are artists who use the cards as inspiration, craft enthusiasts (decoupage, scrapbooking and the likes) or students doing projects (one did a great one on portrayal of women through the ages - all in cards!). Another artist bought ALL my jokers and did a huge artwork of them! People's creativity amazes me, I just stick them in albums! 

These special interest cards often start the collecting bug and then people go onto collecting the whole set of known cards. The following pictures are designed to show you the variety of themes people can collect. The following pictures (thumbnails) are clickable so it you want to view one larger.  Go to my picassa album if you want to see more.

Examples of themes:

Artists - 
these ones are Barribal

Maxfield Parrish

Thomas Kinkade

these ones are Giordano

themes - horses

themes - horses 2

themes - pegasus horses

Art Deco - white silhouettes

Art Deco - black silhouettes

themes - birds

themes - butterflies

themes - flowers

themes - Holly Hobbie

themes - blank backs Joy girls

themes - blank backs cats

Check out my Picassa album for more:

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