Monday, May 20, 2013

What are swap cards worth?

The facetious answer?  How long is a piece of string!?  Placing a $ value on swap cards can be difficult.  Have a browse on Quicksales and Ebay and you will get some idea - but then you will see the same cards one week later getting much more or much less than previous times.  It depends on who is bidding and how badly they need that card, maybe for years they needed that elusive card to complete a set or a pair (been there, done that!) so go crazy and bid it up.  

Most sellers have settled on reasonable "buy now" prices for their cards, it is based on years of selling and also reflects the cost to purchase those cards in order to be able to sell them.  Swap cards (not the blank backs) start their life as decks or packs of playing cards.  They are bought (usually overseas in UK or USA) by the seller - usually at great cost when you factor in postage and healthy "competition" from other sellers wanting the same decks.   Take for example this lovely Triton deck (click picture to enlarge), this is a common example of the prices older wide decks are making, so obviously this is reflected in the selling price of singles.  So what would you have paid for a single not knowing that the cost price to the buyer was $US230 plus postage?

Also factoring in the cost is the rarity of the deck.  Some decks were in mass production and had many thousands printed, others only a few printings so are obviously rarer and therefore more costly.  And, obviously, the older the deck the more valuable it is.  Check this one out, enough to make us swappers go into a bidding frenzy! (sadly none of us can afford it, lol)

Ahhh gone are the days when we used to sit behind the portables with great stacks of cards (always tightly bound with rubber bands... oh the shame of it!) and swap them with friends.  Now the evil $ dictates what they are worth.

One thing is for sure, take care of your cards (store them correctly) and they will appreciate in value - unlike some of the cards kids collect now.  For example Coles and Woolworths cards were cheap back in the day (1950's) now they sell from $20-$100+ PER CARD!!!  Hang onto it long enough and you will be rewarded.

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