Saturday, May 18, 2013

Other branches of swap card collecting - ACES, JOKERS, OTHER CARDS

Most collectors have a "side" collection of cards that are collected for the non-picture side (or suit side). These can be just as interesting as the fronts, sometimes more so as they are harder to find.

This page won't have a great deal of text to read, mostly pictures of the weird and wonderful world of "other cards". For simplicity sake, I have split the branches into three categories:

1. Ace of Spades or Spade Aces. 
Collectors prize the ace of spades as it contains all the details of the manufacturer and is one of the most accurate ways to identify when and where the cards were made.

Spade aces from old Wide cards

Spade Aces Art Deco era

Spade Aces 2 - with adverts

Sets of Aces

Sets of Aces and matching Joker
from many medical decks of cards from 1960's

2. Jokers.
Jokers come in all sorts of weird and wonderful designs and attract a huge community of collectors worldwide. Most notable countries for collectors are Netherlands, Belgium, England, USA and Australia. Personally I don't collect jokers so all the ones I get go in either my Quicksales listings or auctioned on ebay.  If you are a joker collector it pays to get to know a swap card collector!
Spade and Joker pairs

examples of jokers

Some really nice Art Deco jokers

Jokers with adverts

3. "Extra" cards. 
Most decks contain "extra" cards for use as spares, extra jokers, score cards or advertising.

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